Dogs are most welcome at Roseheart Kingdom, the centre is set in its own 28 acres surrounded by fabulous private tracks, walkways and paths for guests to explore, together with upland and lowland pastureland with natural streams and woodlands.

Dogs are permitted in the bedrooms, dining area / breakfast room and the snug area. Where they must be on their best behaviour i.e., they are not permitted on the beds, bedroom couches or the leather sofas. They must sit or lie quietly when in the eating areas of the farmhouse.

Each room can take a number of dogs with their beds (please see room to check numbers). If you would like to use a crate (cages) with your dog whilst you are at Roseheart Kingdom please do just ask as there are a number of various sizes that guests can use.

Dogs should not be left alone in the bedrooms but instead they should be put in the owner’s car or in a spare stable down in the stable block.

Dogs are not permitted to urinate on the scrubs, bushes, plant pots or flowerbeds at Roseheart Kingdom.

Jacqueline & Tim do not allow wet, muddy dogs in the house however there are plenty of spare dog towels to dry your dogs off together with a drying area that your dog may use before entering the house. Of course some owners may wish to put their wet dogs in their own cars whilst they are drying off.

The guidelines have been provided for your convenience to ensure that both yourself and your dog(s) have a happy and enjoyable stay at Roseheart Kingdom, Therapy Centre for People & Animals. 

Worried about taking a problem dog on holiday or letting them free in open spaces? – No problem. Jacqueline Cook-Molony B.H.S AI, N.C.M.H, A.N.C.E.B.M teacher & trainer with over 40 years experience working and training dogs and horses will be happy to help you achieve your dream with your dog, please feel free to ask and she will help in whatever way she can.

There is a small fee of £5.00 per dog per night for dogs staying at Roseheart Kingdom. Dog owners should bring their own dog food but Roseheart Kingdom can supply a dog breakfast or evening meal at an extra cost of £2.00 per meal made of fresh local dog meat from the local butchers or an organic meal with rice and vegetables.

Should you wish to go out where dogs are not permitted whilst on holiday at Roseheart Kingdom Jacqueline & Tim will be more than happy to care for your dog in your absence when they are available (it is very rare for them not to be around) at no extra charge to you.



"Loved it! Jenny Bond & Ellie (dog)"